Music and science brought together in a collaborative project to mark Earth Day 2020. New music, accompanied by video and imagery, in three parts reflecting the life of the ice sheet:

1. 'Left Isolated': the last 150 million years - other continents move away, ending with Antarctica left alone, surrounded by the circumpolar current with the ice sheet forming.

2. ‘The Song of the Ice': the last 30 million years — the ice sheet forms and moves, accompanied by the sounds of the ice from microseismic data and sound recordings.

3. ’Breath’: the last 0.8 million years — the rise and fall of C02 in ice cores converted from parts per million to sound frequency and a musical theme, with a 'spike' at the end reflecting recent conditions.

Partners in this project include Chris BellAndy Smith, Dave Vaughan, Rob Mulvaney, Sofia-Katerina Kufner, Pilvi MuschitielloStuart Hamilton and Chris Scotese.

To be premiered at British Antarctic Survey Aurora Centre on Earth Day April 22nd 2020 #SongoftheIce