Tasteful, melodic, attractive and readily accessible new music for guitar (me) and double bass (Peter Lowit). Two perfectly contrasted instruments and players with some truly magical playing. Four hands, ten strings,  two bits of wood.

The title track, inspired by the music of Nick Drake and the Annual Nick Drake Gathering, has a shimmering string quartet arrangement by James Edge. You can watch us in the studio recording other tunes here

Positive reviews include those from FATEAfolking and  Jazz Journal Tracks have featured on some twenty  jazz, folk and roots internet radio programmes from across the UK, including BBC Radio Ulster - Caschlár: A World of Music and BBC Radio Scotland - Jazz Nights.

We are grateful for the blessings of Danny Thompson (who rang me one day when I was putting the bins out) and The Estate of Nick DrakeWe have also been inspired by acoustic duos such as Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny  or Gary Peacock & Ralph Towner.

Launched at Acoustic Music Centre during the August 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

CD available from Birnamshop or Amazon download or stream  from Bandcamp or corporate sites (iTunes, Google Play or Spotify)