Climate signals, ice quakes and earth history from leading polar scientists – inspiring innovative new music, animation and beautiful images, combined to tell the story of the life of the Antarctic ice sheet.

Performed live with electric guitar and effects, accompanied by the sound of ice quakes, Antarctic images and animation.

A talk on the science precedes the performance which is then followed by a Q&A session allowing the audience to explore the issues raised in the work. 

The live premier was on Friday October 22nd 2021 as part of Sound Festival following a global online launch via live stream on YouTube on Earth Day, April 22nd 2020. Subsequently  performed live online, at research institutes, festivals and conferences with very positive audience feedback  from around the world:

'...wonderful guitar interpretation of Antarctic continental drift, onset of glaciation 30 million years ago, and the rise and fall of atmospheric CO2 from bubbles in ice cores'

'Musically - sensational. Visibly - stunning. Scientifically - illuminating. Creatively - outstanding. Collectively - perfection'

 'Enjoyed the weaving together of science and jazz.' 

 'Really interesting interplay between art and science ...groundbreaking stuff, amazing..and such a technical feat too'

'What a triumph ...  a superb initiative ... bringing together the holy triumvirate of geology, music and people'

'Song of the Ice is beautiful! ... what an unusual and wonderful project'

'Good stuff, Steve. Powerful message and great music!'

'...inspirational - a fantastic celebration of our planet's story on Earth Day, and much food of thought about our future'

'Inventive, imaginative and entertaining!'