Stunning new music, leading-edge science, animation and imagery from Steve’s Antarctic field seasons blended in collaboration with British Antarctic Survey (BAS) scientists to tell the story of the Antarctic ice sheet in three parts:

1. isolate: the last 180 million years - other continents move away, the continent becoming isolated and the ice sheet forming

2. grow: the last 30 million years — the ice sheet forms and moves, accompanied by the haunting sounds of icequakes

3. breathe: the last 0.8 million years — the rise and fall of C02 in ice cores converted to sound and music, with a final higher note reflecting recent conditions

This solo performance includes an introductory talk including perspectives from the scientists  and a Q&A session helping you to engage in the performance and material.

"... a deep understanding of Antarctica and its journey through eons of geological time ... a rare musical talent that brings that story to life ... an uplifting visual and musical journey ... science changes lives and music changes lives; beware, 'The Song of the Ice' is powerful stuff!” David Vaughan, BAS

“Science, sounds and sights ... a truly remarkable and unique integration of all of them, using the Antarctic Ice Sheet as a unifying theme ... the Song of the Ice is an amazing achievement. Watch and listen; it will take your mind to far-away places and through distant times.” Andy Smith, BAS

“For many years I have presented the ice core carbon dioxide graph with the sound of popping bubbles of ancient air being released from deep ice core samples. I can’t help admitting that the music of graph is more evocative, particularly with regard to the alarming recent rise in carbon dioxide” Rob Mulvaney, BAS

“'Superb demonstration of musical skill and sensitivity along with helpful and beautiful graphics”“ … truly wonderful the way you unite science and art to create great music. It deserves a wide audience.” Audience reactions