Marc Higgins, FATEA

Born in London, I have lived and travelled across the UK, Antarctica and North America, and now call Scotland home. I've had diverse musical experiences along the way, reflected my recordings In ArdenDiscover and Endure & Even Song which re-invent jazz, folk, rock and classical music.

My work has been received well across jazz, folk and roots genres on radio stations and in magazines. Reviewers have heard echos of Grant Green, Pat Metheny, Bill Frisell, Ralph Towner, Dean McPhee, Dick Gaughan & Steve Reich. You can see some of my other guitar heroes here.

To help avoid another case of mistaken internet identity, I'd like to clarify that  I am neither: Steve Garrett Nashville based singer songwriter, worship artist, pastor & speaker; Steve 'Static Major' Garrett rap star; 'Stainless' Steve Garrett Cardiff community activist; Steve Garrett blues singer and guitarist featured on Netherlands radio; Steve Garrett German country and western singer; nor Garrett Millerick stand-up comedian.